“Nigeria of our dream is near, Keep hope alive”- Salisu urges Nigerians

Alhaji SHUAIB AFOLABI SALISU, Ogun Central Senatorial candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged Nigerians to remain hopeful that Nigeria of our dream is near.

He said this on Saturday in his new year message to Ogun Central Senatorial District and Nigeria at large.

The former chief of staff to governor of Ogun state also urged citizens to remain united in the belief that collective effort can lead to growth.

“Although our challenges are great, each of us has the courage and determination to rise up and meet them.”

“As we step onto the shores of a New Year, it is with profound joy and gladness that I want to wish the good people of Ogun Central Senatorial District, Ogun State, and Nigeria as a whole a New Year that is full of prosperity, peace of mind and economic progress.

“The year 2022 may have presented our people its share – and many would say unfairly at that -of challenges on every front, but we must be grateful to The Almighty that life goes on, and that 2023 is here. These challenges, I believe are surmountable and have only prepared grounds for us to keep faith in God and also keep in mind that we have our roles to play in bringing our aspirations to pass.

“Yes, 2023 is an election year that serves as another opportunity for the good people of Ogun Central Senatorial District and the rest of Ogun state and Nigeria to employ the power of their votes to usher men and women of integrity and intentionality into the legislature.

“This would be the way to ensure representation that is committed to drawing up bills, acts,and laws, which are people-oriented and economically viable. As a strong and passionate believer in our national potential, I urge us to rise and revive our potential to elect and re-elect
the right leaders with track records of accountability, competence, and intellectual acumen
into all our political elective positions in the New Year.

“I also strongly believe that our decisions in the New Year will forge our country on the path to greatness while keeping faith that Nigeria’s brightest days are closer than we can ever imagine, he concluded

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