Jide Sanwo-Olu charges NMA on better healthcare delivery in Lagos

    The APC gubernatorial candidate assured the association of his readiness to work with medical professionals to improve healthcare delivery system in Lagos State.

    He added that the NMA and other groups should encourage their members to vote for him so that their good desires for a functional health sector that is accessible and affordable will come to reality.

    Sanwo-Olu said: “We have a comprehensive plan to integrate primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions in Lagos in a way that the three layers function very well and meet the expectations of Lagosians.

    “This is why I want to appeal to you to vote for APC.

    “I have a family relationship with you as my wife is one of your members.

    “Please support us to win this election and you can be sure I will work to meet your expectations.”

    Sanwo-Olu praised the medical doctors for always demonstrating professionalism and said his administration will seek to create an environment where medical professionals will be comfortable enough to live and work in Lagos State.

    Oseni spoke about the need for improvement in healthcare infrastructure in government-owned facilities and continuous training of medical personnel, adding that the association is desirous of a direct relationship with the state and pleaded that the ethical side of the profession should not be politicized.

    The NMA National Chairman urged Sanwo-Olu, if he becomes the Governor of the state, to crackdown on quackery and to look closely at the state health insurance scheme.

    In the same vein, Dr. Omowunmi Bakare, President of Medical Women Association of Nigeria, told Sanwo-Olu that when he becomes Governor of Lagos, the issues of women and children’s health must be taken more seriously.

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    Other associations that came with the Nigerian Medical Association included the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, Medical Guild and Association of General Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria.


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