It is so painful that professional etiquette in the media parlance is fast deteriorating. The storm-weathering ways of investigative journalism has suddenly become primitive in the face of today’s journalists who are only on the prowl to satisfy their flat bellies.

If this news had been published by just an ordinary blog, one may seem to look away, however, it is unforgivable that a media outfit like Sahara Reporters, that makes boast of good reportage to have shabbily written and posted such a misinformative piece about the SA to governor Dapo Abiodun on Political matters. One can easily affirm that this ‘paper’ is fast becoming a willing tool in the hands of those that can just pay good money, concoct stories and befuddle the horizons of the right-thinking members of the society.

To cap it all, the piece titled “REVEALED: Third Ogun State Lawmaker Involves in Certificate Forgery Appointed” was later deleted from their website due to their failure to carryout due diligence and professionalism before publishing the story.

This show of shame and cowardice only proves one thing; the outfit is filled with different people from the walks of life but bereft of capable, professionally trained media personnel. Just jumping on an opinion heard somewhere, especially because it involves a public official goes a long way to reveal how hungry for ‘visibility’ and cash the outfit is.

Probably, the staff are not being well remunerated and the effect of the country has caught up with them, since they also need to cater for their families. At least, the small ‘change’ will buy petrol into the car tank.

For the record, Hon. Biyi Adeleye was a former member of the Ogun State House of Assembly between 2015 and 2019, and this same false allegation was also raised three years ago. But because justice would always prevail over lies, the case was dismissed, thereby defeating the plaintiffs; Wasiu Taiwo Gbadebo and Onamuyiwa Isaac Olumuyiwa up to the Court of Appeal sitting in Ibadan when they proved unsatisfied! That wasn’t the end, they were made to pay fines!

Cowardly removing the story without any form of appeal or explanation seems funny. If Sahara Reporters were so certain of their content, why would such a ‘bombshell’ be squeezed and thrown to the bin? Why couldn’t they pronounce it so much so, that they could stand to defend themselves before the law court? Why?

“He that comes with equity they say, must come out with clean hands”. Why flee when you were not being chased? The answer is simple; you have committed a great atrocity that can dent the image of your company.

When a bulldog barks at a Lion and runs back at the same time, one thing is certain, he comes back to his senses and has suddenly realized that he may be bathed with his own blood.

I hope you are able to pay for this when the consequence comes knocking. There shouldn’t be any worry still, since your publisher would be there to bail you out with his opulence.


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