36-year-old lady sells her virginity online for $283,466

A 36-year-old German lady, simply identified as Mandy, has successfully auctioned her virginity online for €250,000 ($283,466).

German ladyThe 36-year-old enlisted the help of Cinderella Escorts to sell her body online after coming across the website in a newspaper, and the lot has been purchased by an anonymous businessman in Munich.

Mandy said she realized that the ‘right man’ she’d been waiting for might never come along, saying it’s like a casino where you have to know when to stop.

Mandy who works as a flight attendant has said she intends to use the proceeds of the auction to boost her career and help her family, leaving some over for charity.

The German also said she thought her age drove up the bidding on her virginity.

According to Daily Mail, the flight attendant revealed that she didn’t give up hope of meeting the right guy someday.

However, the flight attendant says she still hopes to meet her dream man after the sale adding that if he loves her he’ll accept her like that.

Mandy says “my friends actually envy me and they regret losing their first time to a guy who left them instead of getting so much money for it.’

Website founder, Jan Zakobielski, will receive 20 per cent of Mandy’s final price, equating to €50,000 (£44,000) when she meets the bidder in September.

Many said of her impending meeting in September: ‘Knowing that after 36 years of my life I will lose my virginity is hard to describe. I never found the right man.’

“At some point, my virginity just felt like a burden. Everyone talked about it. Society made me feel different. That it’s not normal to be a virgin at 36.

“But I think that’s what makes my virginity so valuable. I’ve kept [it] for 36 years and I can only give [it] away once.”

The second highest bid for Mandy’s virginity came from a lawyer at €240,000 and the third was from a football Player from Munich at €200,000.



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