RE : Ogun Commissioner list; Competence is better than chauvinism and sectarianism


The Dapo Abiodun Youth movement( DAYM) at an emergency meeting of her notable key stakeholders, reviewed the released list of the would be commissioners in Ogun state, viz- a- ziz the policy of inclusiveness, youth involvement and gender status.

We opine that the age range of the commissioners between the age range of 36years of age to 55years of age is highly desirable, commendable and a clear departure from the last administration where none of the then served commissioners was below the age of 40.

The last time Ogun State had a very youthful Commissioner was during the first term of His Excellency, Aremo Olusegun Osoba when Prince Segun Adesegun as the commissioner of works was 33years or age or thereabout.

When we reviewed the list in the context of inclusiveness, we commend the Governor and the APC for the composition of a well blended ratio of very active loyal party members to the handful of private sectors exposed politicians with model achievements.

We had maintained over time that the word ” inclusiveness ” being misconstrued by few does not include, bringing in people from strange quarters in government formation. Rather, inclusiveness is all about being actively disposed to novel but useful information, policy and advice even from the opposition groups. It is a clear ideological stance that exists beyond party limitations and parochialism but incorporation of useful ideas for the fortification of party ideology.

Though, we are more concerned with the productive capacities and capabilities of the nominees, yet as politicians, we are often critical too about balancing of representation among the interfacing structures within the larger party umbrella, APC.

While we shall not join the newspaper politicians and social media politician in their constituency, it is our urgent appeal that the post nomination appraisal of the list should be considered by the relevant organ of the party for straightening, only in further appointments.

Not oblivion of the attendance criticism of the list on gender sensitivity, coupled with the promises of His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, on gender balancing, our research team made holistic comparative appraisals of the women involvement of other states in South West and got these ; Lagos state has 20:2, Oyo State 15: 2, Ekiti 14: 2, Ogun 15:3 and Osun 12:4. Invariably in South West Nigeria, as at today, Ogun State has the 2nd to Osun State with 16% women involvement while Osun has 25% with the rest hovering 11- 13% in the percentage of men to women in the commissionership. But, in term of women participation, Ogun is second to none as at today. When the total number of women who attend State Executive Meeting is calculated, Ogun State towers better than her counterpart in south west. The Special Adviser on Information, Tertiary Education, Secondary Schools, the Head of Service, are all women who attend State Executive council whereas out of the 34 Council members in Osun State only 5 are women.

While we support the call for more women involvement in government, agitators are enjoined to demarcate distinctly between rights and sheer privileges. The weaponry of politics is inherent in power of lobby within the organs of the party rather than sheer gangsterism and passage of innuendoes on newspapers and mere awareness drawing protests.

It is on this basis that we commend the list as presented, yet implore the leadership of the party for prompt appraisal to smoothen genuinely strained nerves.

In conclusion, it is our expectations that His Excellency, Prince Dapo Abiodun, MFR, the Executive Governor of Ogun State, the APC party, led by Chief Sanusi and the Most Distinguished National Leader of APC of Ogun State origin, His Excellency Aremo Olusegun Osoba would further compensate hard work and commitments of various APC support groups that distinguished themselves glaringly in act of grassroots mobilization during the campaign. This would serve as impetus for further performance and encouragement to their tumult membership across the length and breath of the state.

In conclusion, we advised for prompt dispense and intellectual confrontation of party challenges. Problems are not solved by abdication of responsibilities and leadership is best appreciated in time of crises. It should be remembered that if lion fails to devour, it would die of hunger and may not be able to retain its status as the king of the jungle. No party can survive if her laws are abused and trampled upon with impunity. Discipline is the hallmark of all sustainable legacies.


*Comrade Nuberu, A Olufemi*
Spokespersons DAYM.
16th December, 2019.

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