National Assembly Workers Protest Over Unpaid Allowances

Workers of the National Assembly are protesting over nonpayment of their allowances.

The unhappy members of staff of the National Assembly, under the umbrella of the Parliamentary Association of Nigeria (PASAN) were out early enough, and in their numbers on Tuesday to protest.

Protesting National Assembly Workers

The protest reportedly came up at the lobby of Senate, with the protesters mainly directing their ire at Sani Omolori, the Clerk of the National Assembly.

Some inscriptions showed; ‘enough is enough’. ‘Sani Omolori has suddenly become stupendous’.

Other protesters, according to reports sang ‘Juju dey fail, Sani Omolori’.

President of PASAN, Bature Musa said the protest is going to end at 2 p.m.

“National Assembly is a custodian of the law and we are not in this parliament to kick against the law. We are law-abiding citizens. Once it is 2 O’clock, we will return to our respective offices,” he said.

PASAN says protest will end 2 p.m

“The word ‘picketing’ does not prevent anybody from working, it is a message passed to the leadership of the National Assembly. And don’t forget, it is for a duration of between 9am and 2pm. Then, after that, everyone will return to work.

“We have not asked anybody not to go to their offices. What we had at the back of our minds when we set out was that when they come around, they will definitely find out what is happening, because we have written to them almost eight months ago and nothing seems to be happening. You will agree with me that they are almost on their way out and this is the best time for us to cry out loud because the whole world will know why we are embarking on this peaceful demonstration.

PASAN members protesting over unpaid allowances

According to reports making the rounds, the protesters also prevented the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu from entering the Senate Chambers.

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