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Atiku considers Fayose as running mate, visit Ekiti

A former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, and Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, met behind closed doors in Ado Ekiti on Wednesday.

Atiku AbubakarThe two are eyeing the presidential ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party in the 2019 elections.

They went into a private meeting after addressing party leaders, members of the State House of Assembly and the State Executive Council.

Details of the meeting were not disclosed to journalists.

But there are insinuations that Atiku is considering Fayose as his running mate. The governor, who maintained that his presidential ambition remained intact, said only “God knows tomorrow.”

At separate interviews, the duo said former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s statement on President Muhammadu Buhari had confirmed that the All Progressives Congress-led government had failed.

Atiku said, “I won’t comment on the letter but it is a confirmation that the APC has failed this country. That party is not the solution to our country’s challenges.”

“We will all examine everybody and we will create a level playing field. As he has come, others will still come.

“On the issue of being Vice-President, like I said, in the Book of Ezekiel 37: 33, the Bible says ‘God asks that can this bone live?, and the Prophet answers and says Thou knoweth. All these questions are questions for God and He has answers for them, man has no answer. You may wish anything for me, but God’s wish is supreme.

“I deserve to serve this country as President. I have paid my due. I am not a hidden voice. I have all it takes to lead this country, but whichever way it goes, the interest of our party comes first; it is above our individual aspirations. Whoever the party finally picks as the party’s candidate will be supported by others.”

Fayose said he was not disappointed about Obasanjo’s outburst against Buhari’s government.

“I am not disappointed because I never voted for Buhari and I will never stop being against him. I was not too young when Buhari came first time and we knew the hell he took us through.

“At his first time, he was putting people in jail and he was not in charge it was (Brig. Gen. Tunde) ldiagbon that was in charge. The man is dark in the mind,” he stated.

The governor lamented that the economy had collapsed by 45 per cent and the President had failed to tame the Fulani herdsmen.

“Now the message has come from Obasanjo, who was Buhari’s  greatest promoter and  navigator, telling him to go home.

“The end has come to the APC, our suppressors and oppressors.  You can only rule a country as diverse as Nigeria if you are truly a leader,” Fayose added.

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