Understanding a political scavenger called Segun Sowunmi by Adekoya Oludare

I read this epistle full of gibberish and balderdash by Chief Segun Sowunmi, a brother , hoping he would tell us the real governance issues not being addressed by Governor Dapo Abiodun , I was disappointed! Therefore,

Our Brother’s first attack was responded to by reeling out programmes and policies which Prince Dapo Abiodun government had done so far & instead of you to reel out what your so called settled governors had done better in Zamfara and Oyo, you resorted into a personal attack on the Governor Prince Dapo Abiodun.

MR. segun Sowunmi

It seems scavenger Segun has not learnt anything for his failure in politics and downfall of his master, Atiku Abubakar

I am compelled to throw this article as an unpaid and solicited advisory and advocacy service to our good brother Segun sowunmi.

Like the music lyrics said, after the reggae, when falsehood fails, play the blues, try truth and sincerity.

The song signifies that, after a system has outlived its purpose, the wise thing to do is to change style.

I recently noticed that Egbon Segun is frustrated due to the fact that Atiku lost and being a politician who is being controlled by his stomach and pocket, he’s trying to get into the government of Prince Dapo Abiodun by giving personal attack and destructive criticism.

Why would a paperweight politician like Brother segun who got just 8060 votes in the last general election as House of Rep, Candidate, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) like a vote of a councilor ,Olodo ward of odeda local government call for impeachment of Prince Dapo Abiodun who got over 200k votes in the last general election.

One wonders which of the factions of the PDP Showunmi belongs to in the state even as a spokesperson for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar in the last election. It is safe to assume he is a political orphan looking for possible abode preferably in opposition where he nature fits into.

Claiming Dapo Abiodun won election on the APC platform as that of Amosun is another joke of the century. Oh! He was not around when agents of his Ogun substandard leaders committed what could be best described as treasonable offence by stoning the number one public office holder of APC, President Muhammadu Buhari in Abeokuta during the campaign.
How on earth will it be heard to call for either resignation or indirect call for impeachment of a government that has hardly spent one year in government.

Scavenger Segun Sowunmi has refused to let us know how not swearing in commissioners in the state has affected the service delivery of the public service whose primary mandate is to execute the programmes and policies of any administration.

Possibly, Sowunmi would want the Civil servants to remain dormant and irrelevant just as they were with his suspected paymaster.

We are aware of your antecedent by pursuing your political scavenging tendencies in two fronts… One by trying to get into Prince Dapo Abiodun’s govt and secondly by pleasing former Governor Amosun for a hope of federal appointment; this reminds us all of how you once betrayed this same Amosun and left for OGD camp all because of financial survival.

The fact remains that your paymaster, Ex Governor Amosun as at today is a suspended member of the APC because of his high level anti party activities

Where was Segun Sowunmi’s voice when this state is to be left by the immediate past govt ,with over N250bn
Uncompleted and abandoned capital projects?

Where was Brother Segun Sowunmi when the past govt ran Ogun state education sector into a state of comatose? Oh sorry, as a parasite and political scavenger that he is, he was busy feeding on the loot of Atiku towards their failed presidential bid,

He kept quiet against the misgovernance in the state just because his kinsman was in charge and that was what he showed by raising false alarm about MAUSTECH at the Abeokuta Club

One thing we will appreciate Sagua for is that he put on the courage to accept the omorogun errand.

Lastly, if Stone has decided in his mind to be the mouthpiece of oppositions in the state, two things he needs to do are….First, he should join a political party and secondly, he should be ready for the consequences of the role he is about to take.

Adekoya Oludare write from Obantoko, Ogun state.

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