Tunji Egbetokun, the precious ‘Illiterate’ – by Olumide Abiodun

I have read the piece ‘Tunji Egbetokun A Perilous Disease In Abiodun’s Government’ written by a pseudo on Facebook going by the name Folashade Ibiwunmi Aina and concluded that the author did not do justice to the topic she wrote on.

In the said write up, she referred to the former Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly as a common village man from the Ajebo area of Obafemi Owode Local Government in Ogun State. I wish to remind her that we are all villagers, i.e., we all hail from one village or the other (gbogbo wa ni omo abule).

Perhaps I should put some emphasis on that; Chief Olusegun Osoba, yes, the former governor of Ogun State, one of the finest journalists of his time in Nigeria, is a native of Oba in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun state. Same as General Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo who hails from Ibogun-Olaogun, a farming family of Owu Kingdom. I am sure Egbetokun can not be more a village man than these successful statesmen. It is never and will never be a crime to have come from a village.

Meanwhile, Egbetokun is proud of his village and heritage, if the author is not proud of her own forebears. To say that he is a cultist who uses his women for rituals and power is a claim that can never be substantiated with concrete evidence. This is one of the reasons why some federal lawmakers are pushing to have a bill to deal with people like the author whose, trademark is to make spurious and unfounded allegations against any targeted public office holders.

The highest position ever sought in recent times by the Right Honourable is membership of the State Assembly and neither Governor nor President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The deductions of the author of this spurious allegation is frivolous and can never be supported with any evidence or logic.

Secondly, the pseudo Folashade alleged that Egbetokun had enslaved about ten Commissioners, Special Advisers and politicians. I suggest you check the dictionary for the meaning of ‘enslavement’ and be sure you know what you are saying. I see this as another crap coming from the author. The baby writer sat at a corner to put this infamous concoction together.

Let me help you solve the puzzle before you,……The office of the Senior Special Adviser to the governor on Political Matters handles so many activities. It is as such a place to visit by political functionaries who have one political issue or the other to settle with the Governor.
It is not possible for any Governor in Nigeria to handle every responsibility hence the reason for appointing aides to different positions.

Egbetokun is a perfect match for political matters in this government and we are happy that even detractors like you attest to the importance of that office and the occupant by your infamous write up.

Egbetokun is working, that is your headache i think? Sorry about that! The man who could not complete a simple sentence in English administered and presided over the State House of Assembly for about three years and also registered his name in the annals of Ogun State House of Assembly. The ‘illiterate’ must be a magician! This man is very good.

If you say Governor Abiodun addresses Egbetokun as ‘Oosa’, we call him the ‘Oracle’. This is in recognition of his foresight, intelligence, astuteness and political sagacity.
Again, sorry, if you do not recognise excellence in your camp. In Gov. Dapo Abiodun’s political camp, we recognise people and give honour to whom it is due. I recommend Romans 13:7 for you. Read and understand it, your disposition must change in that respect. The Governor is known for his Omoluabi gestures and we are proud to associate with a man having such high degree of humility.

Finally, your allegation of an unresolved crisis in the transport union is baseless. It is a figment of your imagination. As an opposition to the current government, you prayed for a protracted crisis which did not happen. Ogun state’s model of managing the garages is something worthy of emulation by other states.

The Governor was clever to have set up the Barr. Adeniyi led committee to manage the sector without rancour as against your expectations, there is peace and harmony. If there are pocket of issues it does not lead to the usual mayhem and public disturbance like the past experiences. The governor’s action is laudable and deserves a commendation. The door of the Governor is open to lofty ideas incase you have any.

Igbega ipinle Ogun, ajose gbogbo wa ni…

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