The Mishap at Afotamodi Festival: The True Position

The facts have been twisted to suit the writer’s political bias. The simple fact concerning the unfortunate incident is that it was a careless accidental discharge from the weapon of a member of the town’s OPC Security guards.

The ICDA officials who organized and hosted the event immediately swung to action to ensure that the victims received immediate and effective treatment. Thank God there was no fatality.

All injured victims were immediately treated and released. The incident should not be politicized at all. ICDA in attempt to create suitable ambience for sociopolitical cohesion and peaceful coexistence has undertaken the initiative to reach out to all Isara sons and daughters and lovers both at home and in the diaspora, to come on board and join hands in the development of the great and noble town.

The result is noticeable in the numerous developmental projects the town has be witnessing in recent times. And indeed, the attendance of a delegation of Isara sons and daughters in continental USA is an undeniable fruit of the policy initiative irrespective of the unfortunate incident.

Again, we wish to reiterate that the incident should not be politicized at all. Indeed, the current attempt at politicizing it has failed woefully. The attempt by the enemies of the town to create enmity among the political office holders and paint them in bad light through dissemination of outright falsehood is dead on arrival as those on ground knew what actually happened.

Our worthy sons and daughters who came all the way from the USA to attend the program, traveling thousands of kilometers, flying across the hills and mountains are hale and hearty and have collectively agreed that the incident, though unfortunate, was accidental. They have reassured the town of their eagerness to join hands with others to promote rapid development of our dear town.

All indegenes of the town need to embrace the policy of “Isara First” over self interest. We appeal to all and sundry to pursue their legitimate political interests in a manner that promotes peace and harmony within the town in particular and the state as whole.

Mr. Benson Olusesan Lawal
(Chairman Isara Community Development Association)

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