PDP Engaged Russian Hackers To Rig 2019 Elections – BMO

The Buhari Media Organisation has accused the People’s Democratic Party and its Presidential Candidate of making plans to rig the 2019 Elections with the connivance of Russian hackers who had been procured to hack the online transmission of election results.

Pdp logoThe group in a statement signed by Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Madueke, Chairman and Secretary respectively noted that credible security sources had confirmed that the PDP had recently procured the services of Russian hackers whose responsibility is to hack into the systems of transmission of the 2019 election results in favour of their candidate.

“The PDP having been blocked on all fronts, and knowing that their barefaced shameless rigging styles cannot be employed under President Buhari, have resorted to engaging hackers to hack into systems that would transmit the 2019 elections results.”

“The plan of the PDP hackers is to alter the results that would be transmitted from the polling units to the collation centres, such that what would be sent to the collation centres would be different from what was counted at the polling units.”

The group noted that credible intelligence confirmed that the PDP had through its Campaign DG and his team under the guise of a parliamentary meeting paid a visit to Russia in June this year to perfect the transaction with the hackers.

The group called on the Campaign DG of the PDP Presidential Campaign to confess the entirety of his transactions during his sinister visit to Russia.

It went further to commend the President for his wisdom in refusing to sign the amended Electoral Bill into law two months to the elections, noting that if the President had signed it, the plans of the PDP to rig the election through their hackers would have been enabled.

“If President Buhari had signed the Electoral Act Amendment Bill into law, Nigeria’s electoral system would have been damaged beyond repair. The hackers would have taken advantage of the provisions of online transmission of results to rig the results in favour of the PDP. We thank God the President insisted on signing only after the elections, thus thwarting their machinations.”

The group stated that it was no coincidence that the PDP, the Presidential Candidate of the Party, its Campaign DG, among other notable members had been insisting on the President signing the Bill into law.

“The desperation of the candidate of the PDP and the selfish interest of the members have set them on a path that they do not mind selling the country for peanuts, and destroying our electoral system.”

“Nigerians must be wary of the PDP as they are masters of the worse, and would go to the bottomless pit to fulfil and perfect the evil they have in their hearts.”

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