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Luxury Homes Can Be Affordable

GMH Luxury homes are built in highbrow locations in Lagos, Abuja and currently extending to other parts of Africa. We are known for building luxury homes. According to the Head of Sales and Marketing, Okeowo Olasubomi, we at GMH Luxury are solely concerned about ideal, spacious living, entertainment and plenty playroom.

We allow our buyers picture themselves and imagine luxury even before they move in. Our swimming pools are extra large, perfect for throwing pool parties , backyards spaces are huge, car parks enough for extra longer cars like Rolce Royce and an eventual awesome look out from each balconies when you need to inhale fresh air from the sea. That is why we build into the sky.

Aggresively priced, our homes at GMH Luxury are a rare piece to own, either for investment purpose or for outright living in.

According to Okeowo, we do not play with our customers’ convinience; starting from the bedrooms, kitchen spaces and bedroom sizes, it is always about convinience, convinience and customers’ convinience.

Our buildings comes with architectural master strokes,24-hour power supply, which makes you retreat from the busy streets of the city and soak yourself in the comforting hands of the clouds. It may seem like small details to you, but we at GMH are indeed masters of perfection. We pay attention to every little details; from the tiles to the POP, down to your elevators and garages, buying a homes from GMH Luxury is indeed answered prayers.

One last thing is customers who buy from us have good return on investment on their properties which means whichever location customers buy into, in cash and value. We usually put in mind your business coupled with your comfort.

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