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Lotto War: Buruji Kashamu’s Alleged Clandestine Moves To Concede Nigeria’s Revenue To Ghana

Contrary to his claim that he is fighting other lotto operators in the country because they are shortchanging the Federal Government, it has been alleged that it’s indeed Senator Buruji Kashamu and his company, Western Lotto, who have been depriving government of its revenue for many years.

Investigations by some concerned industry watchers suggest that Kashamu has always put his personal interest ahead of the economic interest of the country.

According to the reports, in his obsession to own exclusive rights over the Ghana Games in Nigeria, Kashamu and his Western Lotto are prepared to undermine the economic interests of the country.

One of such action, they alleged was Kashamu approaching the Ghanaian authorities to come to Nigeria and start collecting money from Nigerians.

“This is a man who has not approached the Nigerian regulatory authorities to guide them towards a bilateral agreement with Ghana on how to generate revenue for the government through the Ghana and Nigerian Games played in both countries,” a concerned source alleged.

“Rather, he (Kashamu) plied a self-serving route that will benefit him personally even if it means Nigeria and Nigerians lose money. Yet he wants to be seen as a friend of government. What an irony!” the source added.

Sources at the National Lotteries Regulatory Commission (NLRC) said Kashamu’s Western Lotto is owing several years backlog of statutory fees and remittances, yet he claims that his aim is to bring in more money for government.

The sources claim that the controversial businessman has made promises of fantastic income to government but his track record does not bear out this trend.

Further investigation by this medium revealed that Kashamu’s Western Lotto in recent times has been having serious problems paying winnings to its customers.

Sources alleged that when Western Lotto came onto the scene, its founder induced agents with lots of Greek gifts like cars but it soon dawned on him that he could not sustain that.

Western Lotto is said to be enmeshed in serious crisis of confidence as agents are returning its games while winnings are delayed and not even paid at all.

The present situation of things, according to another source, perhaps necessitated the clandestine moves by Kashamu and his Western Lotto to orchestrate the out of court settlement with NLRC in order to save face and perhaps revive his Lotto business.

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