Key NUTRW Member Targets Woman in Disturbing Attack in Lagos Suburb

Lagos – In a shocking incident that took place on Monday, 27 February, the Public Relations Officer of the National Union of Transportation Workers (NUTRW), Mr Kunle Shodiya, along with many of his minions caused widespread commotion by engaging in a targeted attack against Mrs Olasunbo Adetoro Adeyemo, 34, in a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria.

The incident unfolded at the residence of Mrs Olasunbo Adetoro Adeyemo. Kunle, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the NUTRW known for his influence that spans across the nation, arrived at the location and began inquiring about the whereabouts of the bisexual lady from the residents.

Eyewitnesses reported that Kunle’s tone was aggressive and his intent was clear, as he specifically targeted Mrs Olasunbo Adetoro Adeyemo due to her sexual orientation and alleged relationship with his deceased sister Ms. Josephine Shodiya. Residents who were unable to provide information about her whereabouts faced the wrath of thugs accompanying Kunle, who physically assaulted them.

However, those close to the targeted woman and spoke on the basis of anonymity noted that the recent event is not the first time Mrs Olasunbo Adetoro Adeyemo had been targeted by the man.

Eyewitnesses also heard Kunle saying the victim cannot runaway from him as long as she is in Nigeria. “No hiding place for you,” he was heard saying.

In Nigeria, there are currently no room for people with different sexual orientation. Those who are different sexually are also hiding away from the fear of stigma and public ridicule.

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