How Man Ended In Jail After He Caught His Wife With The Landlord — Lawyer Narrates

A lawyer has narrated how a man ended up in jail for acting out of anger when he caught his wife sleeping with the landlord, Igbere TV reports.

The lawyer explained that the husband took a stool and hit his landlord on the head when he caught him with his wife.

The landlord died instantly and the man was arraigned for murder.

While in court after 5 years of trial, he confided in his lawyer that he regrets killing his landlord because it has occurred to him just how many men the same wife he was fighting to keep must have slept while he’s away in jail.

The man came out of jail after spending 10 years in prison only to discover that his wife already has two sons and a daughter with a neighbour.

The lawyer went on to advice people not to kill themselves over a cheating partner.

Read his post;
“’Don’t Kill Yourself Because Your Wife Is Sleeping Around.

I just remembered a case I handled while in Alpha Romeo Chambers.

A man met his landlord sleeping with his wife. Our client took a side stool and hit the landlord on the head. He died instantly.

He was arraigned for murder. After 5 years of trial, he told me in court one day that he regretted killing his landlord.

I asked him why? He said he just realized that only God knows how many men his wife would have slept with during the period he has been in jail. Sincerely both of us wept.

Luckily the court upheld our argument that he was provoked. He spent 10 years in prison and was released.


He came out, only to find out that the wife already had 2 boys and nursing a baby girl for a neighbor.


Do not fight over nothing. It’s not worth it at all!

Just be yourself ! The only body you fully own is yours. Don’t ruin your life because of what another does with his or her body.

What will be will be, and in the end you are just alone – even your shadow leaves you when you are in the darkest corner.


You have the option of divorce and your spouse’s infidelity is a ground for filing for divorce. If you can exercise some restraint in the heat of the moment and rather garner evidence, you will have a good case.

It is better to take this latter option, rather than any rash decision.”

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