Group Commends ADC, PDP Decampees for Choosing Path Of Honour, Warns Disgruntled Politicians.

A Social Political group, Dapo Abiodun Youth Movement, has commended the People Democratic Party [PDP] and African Democratic Congress [ADC] decompress who are to join All Progressive Party [APC] on Tuesday for choosing Path Of Honour to join the party.

The Secretary General of the group, Comrade Olufemi Nuberu gave the commendation in a statement released in Abeokuta on Monday.

“The Dapo Abiodun Youth Movement (DAYM) today receives the good news of the intending members of our great party, All Progressives Congress ( APC) from other political parties in the state, mainly from The People Democratic Party,(PDP) African Democratic Congress, (ADC) to mention but a few with other numerous hitherto apolitical but achievers in their various chosen careers who have already signified their intention.

This stride gives credence to the decent management of the party by her State Caretaker Committee under the firm leadership of Chief Yemi Sanusi and his members” Nuberu said

According to him, he said “Unlike in the last 6 years where leaders and elders of the party were almost confined to the dustbin of history or seemingly oblivion, without any link with the activities of the party management, the conscious revival of the party along participatory decision making is making her to court attentions even among the oppositions.


The concurrence of the Executive Governor of the state Prince Dapo Abiodun MFR, to the rules of law in the administration of the state, in line with his enviable of integration has eroded the ambivalent stance of progressive minded elements in the state irrespective of party affiliation”

He advised the belligerent usurpers to sit back and learn the process of decamping, integration and absorption of new members to a party.

He said “All Progressive Congress is not a leaderless party. It is a progressive party built on progressive ideology and manifesto. It shall continue to be guided by her constitution and shall uphold the sanctity of it in the administration of the party as well as in maintaining discipline among her members.”

He congratulations all intending members.

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