Breaking: Wike holds emergency meeting over insecurity in Abuja

....Tells residents, ‘don’t panic, we ain’t sleeping’

The Federal Capital Territory FCT Minister, Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, has summoned an emergency security meeting in the wake of the increasing wave of kidnapping by bandits in Bwari Area Council and some other parts of the territory.

At the opening session, Wike assured residents that his administration and security agencies were not sleeping, urging them not to panic.

He said, “We are all aware of the security situation in the Federal Capital Territory, particularly Bwari and some other areas where we have witnessed security challenges. I am also aware that sometimes too, the press overblows what is happening, but indeed, we owe a duty to make sure that FCT is safe.

“We will do all we can, and we assure Nigerians who reside here that there is no need for panic. We are taking every step to make sure that those challenges are things that we must resolve.

“So, this meeting is practically to look into such challenges and see how we will be able to resolve the problems, and that is why we invited all the Council Chairmen because they also have a responsibility in their various area councils.

“We will put our heads together and come up with solutions. For the press, this is just for you to know that we are not sleeping, and security is also not sleeping. We will give every support that they require to take away the fears of the citizens or residents.”

Wike also warned council chairmen against unnecessary trips, saying they must remain in their councils and take responsibility for issues within their purview.

“This time around, we will not be happy, where Area Council Chairmen will leave their responsibilities and travel out. We have gotten reports that Council Chairmen travel anytime and then, if anything happens, they will not call anybody’s name except the FCT Minister.

“Recently, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) embarked on strike, and it is not our fault but the area councils. Primary schools are under the body of the area councils, but again, it will look as if the ministers are doing nothing, but that is not our responsibility. However, we cannot fold our hands, and we have invited them to this meeting to see how we can resolve the problem.

“So, council chairmen should know that they must live up to their responsibilities. It is not everything that happens; they would say that it is the ministers who have not taken steps. So, for your information, we are doing everything we can to resolve the security challenges we are recently facing, Wike added.

Kidnappers had taken over parts of Bwari Area Council since December 23, 2023, launching daring attacks and killing their hostages in the evening.

On Monday, there were reports that the kidnappers dumped at least four remains of their victims around the Jere junction on the Abuja-Kaduna highway.

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