Breaking News: Amosun vows to dump APC because of direct primary

All seems not to be well with the incumbent and outgoing governor of Ogun state, governor Ibikunle Amosun who is finding it so hard to name a qualified successor that his popular and sellable to party members and the voting public.

AmosunReport has it that the governor who has enjoyed a deteriorating public acceptance rating over the last two years, is struggling to present his anointed aspirant and submit him or her to the direct primary process, due to the fear of losing out of the race.


A reliable source informed us that Amosun is threatening party leaders at the national level that he will quit the party, if his anointed aspirant fails to emerge as the winner at the end of the planned direct primary that was newly introduced into the party.

In his wisdom, the party leadership introduced direct primary as a selection process in any state being governed by APC. This attempt will ensure that the governors did not have undue influence in the process, thereby giving power to elect candidates back to all party members.

Recently it dawned on Amosun that he couldn’t present anyone for the primary election and win. This has been a major source of worry to him, after all his political tricks have failed.

The coming days will prove to the public if Amosun is truly courageous to walk away from APC or slug it out with other popular governorship aspirant apart from his stooge.


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