Why Tboss broke down in tears

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Tokunbo Idowu aka Tboss has been provoked by a troll who posted negative comments on a picture of her baby on the internet.

Tboss, after several months of shrouding her baby off social media finally unveiled the baby’s face on Valentine’s Day on her Instagram page, which generated mixed-reactions as many fans shower the baby with admiring comment while some were harsh with their comments.

Countering a fan who described her daughter as ‘unspecial and ugly’, the reality TV star turned movie star, on Sunday, took her Instagram live video to place a curse on her critic.

“For you to come and tell me that my child is not special, you will not carry your child,” yelled the actress in the video where she was seen crying profusely.

“You thought my baby is special and more beautiful than this? Even though I have a baby that is as hungry like a monkey, she is my own monkey, leave her like that for me. She is the best thing that has happened to me. My child is my greatest achievement, my biggest blessing and I love her so much. I’m a very proud single mother and my baby has amazing aunties who genuinely love her and take care of her.”

According to her, if not she was pressurised by her family to celebrate her six-month-old baby on the internet as she wouldn’t have exposed the little girl to the world.

The single mother further described her motherhood as an odd one. She narrated how she had to shuffle between hospital and prayer for safe delivery.

“First of all, I didn’t hide my pregnancy. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy, I was in struggle and pains through that period,” she said in emotional responses. “My sister told me that if she hasn’t had a child before me, she will never have one because of how much I suffered. I was between hospital and prayer.

“I was so happy when I found out I was pregnant because I am almost 35. I know marriage is not for everybody, I was thinking that maybe this marriage thing is not for me. I refused to speak about it but I am happy I am a joyful mother now.”

Tboss who delivered her daughter in July last year, said it is hurt when people suggested a wrong baby father to her child. “When they say that person is your baby father it got me so angry. Because I never had anything doing with these people. I wasn’t pregnant for them and when people say I hide my pregnancy, it really hurt me too,” she said.

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