The race for the stool of Agura: Matters arising

By Popoola Wasiu Bamidele
The race for the stool of Agura: Matters arising.
* Why the choice of Saburi Babajide Bakare can not stand.
That the kingmakers have maliciously sold the right to the throne of Agura is no longer a news. What remains news is how long the house they are building on falsehood will stand.
According to tradition and the Chieftaincy declaration of 1957 made under Section 4 (2) of the Chiefs Law 1957 which sets out the Customary Law regulating the selection to the Agura of Gbagura, it stated clearly that;
i) There are only two ruling houses and the identity of those two houses are;
1) Egiri ( Comprising Jamolu, Ijade, Abolade and Adeosun)
2) Jiboso (Comprising Olubunmi and Sobekun)
ii) The order of rotation in.which the respective ruling houses are entitled to provide candidates to fill the successive vacancies in the Chieftaincy shall be
1) Egiri
2) Jiboso
iii) The person who may be proposed as candidates by a ruling house entitled to fill a vacancy shall be:
A son of a previous holder  of the title shall be considered, provided there is no direct son from any of the male descendants.
Direct descendants are; a son or daughter, grandson or grandson,  greatgrandson or great granddaughter and so on.
From the position of law as regard the current situation in Gbagura, it is cristally clear that the selection of Saburi Bakare is wrong. His claim to the Jamolu Royal house is not but falsehood. A fourth indirect generation, from maternal line, is totally wrong.
The fact remains that there is no direct male descendants from Jamolu and Ijade Royal houses.
According to the history;
Jamolu was the first ruler from Egiri ruling house. He reigned from 1870 to 1877, a period of 7years.
The second king from Egiri is Ijade (1879~1897), a period of 18 years.
The third experience of Egiri on Agura throne is that of Abolade ( a brother to Sobayo) who rule from 1910  to 1915, another period of 5 years.
These are the rotation among the three Royal houses from Egiri ruling house.
Instead of Jamolu to take another chance, there was no direct male descendants from him, the reason Adeosun emerged in 1915 and reign till 1936. A period of 21 years, as the candidate of Jamolu Royal house.
Between 1961 and 1978, (17 years), Adeosun (which is from Jamolu Royal house) took another shot at the throne.
That is more the reason why there is no shot to the stool since the first time Jamolu and Ijade have reigned in the early 19th Century.
There no gainsaying that those parading themselves as candidates from Jamolu and Ijade are not in the best position to even contest less to talk of ascending the throne because they are not suitable for the throne of Agura of Gbagura kingdom. They are not direct descendants from Egiri ruling house. According to the law and tradition, they can only be considered if there is no direct male descendants from the Egiri ruling house.
It’s time for all eligible sons and daughters of Gbagura to stand to be counted at this critical period to save our tradition from the intruders who want to bastardise the custom and tradition of Gbagura nation for their selfish interest.
We will not rest on our hoax to ensure that justice is done and the right candidate  succeed the late Oba Laloko.

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