Take Us To Court, If You Have Anything Against Us – Speaker Oluomo Tells EFCC

......Also Says, 'We'll Clear Ourselves In Court'

Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Rt. Honourable Kunle Oluomo, has asked the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to take him, the Clerk of the House and the Accountant to court if the agency had anything against the three of them.

Rt. Honourable Oluomo was arrested on Thursday morning at the Mohammed International Airport, Lagos by the EFCC operatives for questioning over allegations of corruption and financial impropriety.

He was however granted an administrative bail and released on Friday. The Speaker is also expected to report to the agency’s zonal office in Lagos for further clarification pertaining to the matter being investigated by the agency and involves Oluomo and two others.

However, speaking on the development, Oluomo told our correspondent that the matter has to do with a petition written against him by an aggrieved member of the Ogun Assembly.

He said the allegation that he and two others squandered N2.4bn as alleged by the petitioner lacked basis and record to substantiate claims, adding that the said amount was what the house could cumulatively collect in about two years.

He wondered how it could be possible for anybody to squander such an amount of money when every honourable member of the house was collecting his entitled allowances, explaining that this informed why he advised the anti – graft agency to charge him and others to court if they had anything against them.

Oluomo said: “There is no problem, it was the petition an aggrieved member wrote to the EFCC, he now petitioned the Zonal office again probably he thought they are compromised against him and that he wrote petition but they didn’t go there and they didn’t arrest me, so that was what happened.

“So, I told them(EFCC) that you can’t arrest me, I went there to clarify it to them that it is wrong for them to try to arrest me. I told them that they can’t arrest me because I have taken them(EFCC) to court. I said I have taken you to court and you should have allowed the court to first decide on the matter before you take any step but that not withstanding, I’m out now.

“The situation now is normal and I will go back there and I’m saying they should charge us to court if they have anything against us so that we can go clear ourselves in court. That is the right and proper thing to do. You know I have been given an administrative bail and I don’t want a situation where they will keep the file and when politics comes, you will go bring the file out again. I don’t like that.

“The best thing is, take the matter to court. You said that myself, my clerk and the accountant that we squandered N2.4bn. I said Ah ! That is the money the house would collect in about two years. I asked, ‘Is there anybody in the house that says he has not been collecting his allowances either as a staff or honourable member of the house ?’ No record (of such). I asked, is it not served in the record before you that I have a single account that money enters every month and where it is remitted to every member? And I said when all those information are there and you are still doing this(trying to arrest me), so, let’s go to court to resolve that.

“So, I’m expecting that we should go to court even though our own case is already in court against them(EFCC) which is coming up this month. Let them also take us to court. I’m the one that first took them to court. So, let them also take us to court if they have anything against us.”

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