SHOLAYE JEREMI! Linda Ikeji’s mystery baby daddy revealed

Finally, Linda Ikeji has subtly revealed the identity of her son’s father and her “husband to be.”

It’s no more news that the wealthy blogger has been very close-mouthed about her relationship especially since she got engaged and revealed that she was pregnant.

Linda IkejiIn the past, Mama J had only revealed through some of her numerous posts on her Instagram page that her son’s father is tall, dark and handsome, without mentioning his name.

However, the wealthy blogger who is 38-years-old today revealed her baby’s daddy identity through a recent IG post.
She shared a photo of her and baby J being discharged from the hospital with the caption;

“Going home with my prince. Beginning of the best years of my life!

“His name is Jayce by the way, Jayce Jeremi. 😍😍. Will share pictures soon! 😘😘”

This is coming months after a social media user on Nairaland had emphatically said that Sholaye Jeremi was responsible for her pregnancy.

The user wrote;

“Linda Ikeji is pregnant for Sholaye Jeremi, a close associate to Minister of State for Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu. He is from Sapele, Delta state. 100% confirmed. The funny thing is there was no engagement as Shola will not settle down although he is 40 plus.

“Jeremi also stays in Ikoyi. Very credible, although Linda is trying to manage the situation but this information is 100 percent credible. You can do your findings as well, but thats the guy.”

Well, the puzzle has begun to fall into place especially since fans and non-fans had called her out and alleged that she gave birth through a surrogate.

Some had even mocked the new mother calling her the Nigerian virgin mary who miraculously conceived without having any sexual mate.

Some also called her out for hiding her son’s father’s identity saying she is after all “Mr. Linda Ikeji.”

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