Policeman filmed flogging well-dressed man in Port Harcourt

A trending video has shown the moment a police officer flogged and slapped a well-dressed young man in Port Harcourt.

The police man is seen in the video using a long cane to flog the man who is heard protesting the treatment and asking the policeman if he stole to warrant such a treatment.

The police who had a rifle in one hand and the cane in the other, soon lost the cane to the man who grabbed it as he flogged him.

“Why are you flogging me? Did I steal?” the man asks the officer in pidgin English.

The man then collects the cane from the officer who then proceeds to slap him twice on the face and orders him to walk to his car.

A second police officer is seen rough-handling the man’s female companion.

Reactions to the video have been massive, with many calling for the suspension of the police men.

Watch the video here.

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