Ogun First Lady, Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun Charges Mothers over Children’s Security

As mothers, our greatest responsibility is ensuring that our children, wards and family are safe and healthy.

We are not oblivious of the security challenges our dear nation has faced in recent times. Those seeking to perpetuate evil acts will often go after soft targets, especially places where people gather or where children are learning. I therefore call on parents and guardians to be vigilant during these times and to report suspicious activity around us when we see them.

We look forward to when things fully return to normal. For now, let us follow the Federal Government directive of the curfew from 12am to 4am, ensuring that our children and wards are always within reach. Also, to protect ourselves and loved ones, we must also continue the COVID-19 protocols of wearing face masks, washing our hands and social distancing.

As we pray to God for protection, let us be sober and vigilant, doing our part in guaranteeing the safety of our families.


H.E. Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun
Wife of the Governor
Ogun State

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