The Police in Lagos have arrested a 42-year-old woman after her husband, simply identified as Idris, killed her suspected lover in Apapa, Lagos.

Reports claimed Idris return home to meet Adissa, a foodseller from Togo, in a compromising position with the deceased, one Abdulrahman Danbaba, at their apartment, a shanti, on Kofo Abayomi roundabout, Apapa.

Angered by the incident, Idris grabbed a hammer and hit the 32-year-old deceased on the head, causing him to slump and die.

A resident, Okoye Mmadu, blamed the incident on some of Idris’ friends.

He said,

“Idris is an easy going man. It was rumoured that his wife had an affair with the deceased.

These rumour mongers claimed they usually saw the deceased with Idris’s wife both at the buka she runs and at their home. They also alleged that the deceased usually come to visit the woman at odd hours when Idris was not at home.

When Idris confronted his wife, she denied it. On the day of the incident, Idris returned home to meet the man right in his apartment, with his wife. We heard somebody called him on the phone to inform him that the stranger was around.

And when he came, he overreacted. Now, everyone behind the rumour has taken to his heels.”

On his own part, Adisa denied having anything other than a platonic relationship with the deceased.

She said,

“Danbaba was a regular customer of mine. He usually visited my buka to buy food.

He became our family friend when I discovered we were from the same country. My husband even knew him because he usually visited when my husband was around.

I am diabetic and that is the most pressing issue on my mind, not promiscuity. How could he have accused me of having extra-marital affairs with the deceased whom I was much older than?

Now my husband has abandoned me to suffer for a crime I did not commit. How could I be promiscuous at this age, when I have better things to think about?”


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