London-bound Nigerian student dies aboard Egypt Air, family asks questions

A Nigerian student’s journey from Lagos to London aboard Egypt Air took a tragic turn when she reportedly fell sick mid-flight and died in the hospital.

The family of the deceased, identified as Meshioye Remilekun Toyosi, is now desperately seeking answers and assistance in repatriating her remains to Nigeria.

The ill-fated journey began on a Monday, with the young lady departing the Murtala Muhammad International Airport in Lagos, hoping to reach her destination – London.

Meshioye’s elder sister, Mrs. Olufunmilola Olaniyi-Alabi, while narrating what happened said the family tried to call the airline’s customer care and all other contact phone details on their website but got no response all through Wednesday.

She alleged that when the phone was picked up at some point, it was quickly disconnected.

She said, “It was only once that a man picked up the call that we put through to the Egypt Air Region Office in London, and he said the London office is not aware of what happened and they don’t have information to share with us.

“We then contacted the agent who sold the ticket to her and the agent sent us proof that she did not board the plane going to Heathrow from Cairo. It was at this point that we intensified our efforts as regards trying to get in touch with Egypt Air.”

“The regional manager in their London office made some calls on Thursday afternoon from her office to their Cairo office. She later informed us that Remi fell sick on the plane and on landing in Cairo, they rushed her to the hospital in town where she later died.

“Efforts made to obtain more information from her as to how she died was not successful, She said the Nigeria embassy had been informed and they were the ones that should have contacted us. She later called the Nigeria consular (Mr Saliu Agraza).

Speaking further, she said, “I strongly feel that Egypt Air should have contacted us as the passenger’s next of kin as against us struggling to get information, which as at this time that I am writing, they are yet to provide to us.

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