How Turkish Airlines Passenger Attacked NIS Officials At Lagos Airport

A Turkish Airlines passenger, Mr. Tony Lucky last Friday violently attacked officials of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) attached to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos for daring to ask him to present himself for profiling by the officials.

Comptroller General , NIS, BabanbdedeLucky, who was allegedly drunk had come into the country from Italy on December 14, 2018 without international passport, which is against aviation standards.

A source close to the scene of the incident confided in our correspondent that officials of immigration insisted that Lucky bluntly refused to be profiled by the officials and went berserk by attacking them when they insisted on following the required standards.

Lucky had flown into the country without an international passport, but was in possession of Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC), which is usually issued to citizens without international passport by embassies.

It is required that any passenger, who enters into the country with such certificate must have his or be five fingers captured, but Lucky refused to be captured by the officials.

The ETC is meant to be submitted to NIS after profiling.

In the cause of the milieu, Lucky attacked all the officials present and refused until he was eventually overpowered by security details at the airport.

However, when he was taken to the duty room by NIS official, he apologised for his misconduct and also wrote an apology letter.

In the apology letter, Lucky confessed that he misunderstood the workings of NIS and that he was also rude to them, promising to be of good conduct in the future.

“His names on the ETC is Tony Lucky. He arrived aboard Turkish airline on Friday 14th December 2018. In the course of Immigration profiling, he became violent insisting that he has no reason to be asked questions about his details. He had no passport on him and was not ready to answer any question about the passport or give information about himself. When he was told that it is compulsory that he supply his detailed information and also live his finger prints on the back of the ETC, he became violent and tried to force his way out in order to evade immigration clearance. In the process, he landed a punch on one of my officers (ACII D. MAMMAN), which led to mouth bleeding. He virtually assaulted everyone that came his way. “

“It was a Herculaneum task before we were able to take him to the duty room. At the duty room, he realised his mistakes because the probable effects of alcohol he consumed on the flight had subsided and he wrote an apology letter for all his misbehaviors.”

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