Exclusive: Ogun APM Gubernatorial Candidate, Akinlade indicted in Ogun Revenue Fraud.

Messy details of how the governorship candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM), Hon Adekunle Abdulkadir Akinlade was involved in massive revenue scam during his time as the SSA taxation to the Ogun state governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun in 2012.

Investigation revealed how Hon Akinlade was involved in printing of car number plates outside the Ogun Internal Revenue Service (OGIRS) and printing state government receipts for such transaction without revenue remittance to the purse of the state government.

An investigative panel set up by the governor found Hon Akinlade guilty of the crime. In its report, the panel submitted that Hon Akinlade and few other accomplices were involved in defrauding the state government running into several millions of naira by fraudulently printing and issuing car number plates and receipts.

While all other accomplices were dismissed from the Ogun Internal Revenue Service, Hon Akinlade was transferred from the OGIRS to the ministry of women affairs as his punishment after much pleading from known confidant of the governor, Alhaji Jeleel Okewole who is the chairman Ogun state universal education board (SUBEB).

The governor is doing everything to conceal the report that indicted Akinlade of fraud at OGIRS in 2012 knowingly fully well how it will damage his preferred governorship candidate in the 2019 general election.

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