Breaking: North Dakota state legislative candidate who died of COVID-19 wins election


A North Dakota man has won office in the state legislature. The only problem is, he died last month.

A Republican from North Dakota who died from COVID-19 last month has just won a US state legislature seat.

David Andahl won the Bismarck-area district on Wednesday (AEDT) despite dying on 5 October after contracting the virus.

Another candidate, Dave Nehring, also won in the two-seat area.

The family of Mr Andahl said last month that the 55-year old died after a short battle with the virus.

“He was very cautious especially because he did have a few health challenges, but he was unable to fend off this disease,” they posted on Facebook.

“We are heartbroken, and we ask that he be remembered not by how he died, but by how he lived.”

Mr Andahl’s family said he had looked forward to serving in the state legislature.

“We are sad that his wish will not come to pass.”


It’s not the first time someone has won a seat in public office despite being dead.

In 2018, Dennis Hof, a Nevada brothel owner and TV star who penned the book “The Art of the Pimp”, won a seat in the state legislature. He had died three weeks before the election.

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Mr Andahl is among the more than 230,000 Americans to have died from the coronavirus. More than 9.4 million Americans have been infected with this year.

In exit polls, 18 per cent of Americans said the pandemic mattered most in their decision at the US election.

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