Breaking: 15 Years Old Boy Kills His Own Mother For Money Rituals In Ghana

Wonders shall never end as a student of Junior secondary school and a 15th years old boy ended the life of his own biological mother for money rituals in Ghana.

This unimaginable scene occured at Nkawkaw in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The 15- year- old boy is just at the Junior High level of education at the Presbyterian Junior High School at Nkawkaw Ghana reported killed his own mother for money ritual.

According Biblical allution, the end time will come with a whole lot of obscenities. A clear indication that the world is on the verge of coming to an end as begins to manifest.

The rate at which people are dying in this long stretch of February is unbearable. A lot of people haved pass on through accidents, others also pass on through murder and the others. The vast majority likewise deliberately kill people for absolutely no reason.

When the media team heard of this tragic news, we went there and all that happened was true. So we decided to get some information about how they caught this young boy killing his own mother and this is what they said;

As per them, they heard his mother screaming for help in their room. The moment they heard the noise, they rushed to the room and they saw this young boy stabbing his mother with a knife. After they asked this young boy why he killed his own mother, he said, he wanted to use his mother for money rituals. As per this young boy, he was influenced by his friends at school.

Meanwhile, this 15th year old boy has been captured by the cops and his mother has been sent to the morgue and will continue their investigation.

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