A Tribute to A Lost Lieutenant, Mosi by Acomoran National President, Alhaji Apelogun

... As he Mourns the demise of his long time friend


Greatness is not measured by the number of material things we possess but how we are able to touch lives with the little.

Trust is not bought or commanded but built over the time with little loyalty displayed at every given opportunity.

To have come this far together with you is not a child’s play but a mutually beneficial journey laced with trust and commitment.

Mosi as you’re fondly called will be missed for your ever relentless roles, undaunted seriousness and unprecedented commitment to our common course.

A lieutenant is gone, one of our staunchest ally is no more, a very strong member of our family just crossed the border.

We pray you a comfort place, a sweet resting abode and peace in the home you left behind.

Aljanat firdaous beloved friend. 💞

Alhaji Prince Adebayo Shamsudeen Apelogun
National President of Acomoran

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