A Romantic Movie Role Made My Ex-boyfriend Leave – Actress, Olaide Adeyiga

The dynamic thing about being an actor is that those in the profession get to play various roles. For Olaide Adeyiga, being versatile as an actor comes easily to her. However, she has had to pay a price for this. In an interview with Saturday Beats, she noted that her last relationship ended because of a romantic role she played in a movie.

Actress, Olaide Adeyiga
Actress, Olaide Adeyiga
“My last relationship ended because of a romantic role (I played in a movie). I tried to make him understand that it was my job. When I am doing my job, I don’t limit myself. We shouldn’t involve emotions in this. I am still single and waiting for that man that would trust me enough to understand that when I do something like that, my mind is not there.

“He met me as an actor, but he didn’t understand my job. The movie wasn’t even out yet; he only saw a short preview clip and he told me I should have turned down the role. He didn’t tell me he was no longer interested; the relationship just fell apart. My mother has been very supportive of my career. I had to switch schools just to study theatre arts; she is really happy for me,” she told Saturday Beats.

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Speaking about some of the challenges she has experienced since she followed her passion in acting, she noted she had to switch from shooting English movies to Yoruba to increase the pace of her rise to stardom.

She said, “I joined the Nigerian movie industry in 2013; I started with English movies, and joined the Yoruba industry in May last year. Men in the industry always want to get into my pants. I just make them understand that I don’t mix work with pleasure; I see all of them as my brothers. Some of them understand; while others don’t.

“I was advised that if I wanted to become popular quickly. I should join the Yoruba movie industry because they produce movies often. Since I joined, I have seen a significant improvement. I have even produced my own movie and I get more roles now.”

Debunking the rumour that ‘sugar daddies’ sponsor female producers, she said it had never happened to her.

“I have other businesses that I do apart from acting; moreover, it is not anyone’s business how anyone gets their money. I have not heard anything of such. I am very okay; I am minding my business. I can only speak for myself. I am acting because I am passionate about it. If I am sad and I go on set, I become joyful. Some people may be doing it to get connected to highly placed men but not me,” she said.

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