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IMSU student commits suicide after stabbing hubby

A 300 level student of Computer Science at the Imo state University, Owerri, Jennifer Agomuo, has taken her own life after stabbing her boyfriend simply identified as Johnson.

Jennifer AgomuoThe two were described as lovebirds by their close friends and were always together in the campus and social gatherings before the late Jennifer started suspecting the boy friend of cheating on her.

The tragedy occurred in one of the hostels within the Aladinma Alliance area of the school on Wednesday night.

A reliable source in the school, disclosed that the female undergraduate poisoned herself after stabbing her boyfriend who she thought was dead.

According to the source, “a student of our school has taken her own life. She was studying computer science and was supposed to graduate in 2019.She was in third year.

“She poisoned herself after stabbing her boyfriend. She had thought that she had killed her boyfriend and out of fear she ran to her hostel and drank the poison and took her own life.

“Her boyfriend who was rushed to Federal Medical Center, Owerri, did not die, he is recuperating. She ate the poisonous substance out of fear that she had killed her own boyfriend”.
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The source added that, “this is tragic. It is highly absurd. It is regrettable because this kind of thing is what we watch in movies. Her remains have been evacuated to the mortuary”.

Confirming the incident, the Public Relations officer of the University, Obi Njoku, said that the school was in a state of confusion over the “irritating news”.

Njoku, who wondered the gravity of disagreement between a man and a woman that would make a young girl to take her own life, advised students to pay less attention to frivolities and “marry their books”.

The IMSU spokesperson informed that the institution would investigate to find out what actually happened.

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