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2023: Why I’m contesting for House of Representatives seat – Hon. Subomi Okeowo

In this interview with NEWSPAPER , a trained Philosopher and a House of Representatives aspirant, Hon. Subomi Okeowo, explains why he is in the race.

NA: Why are you contesting for House of Representatives? I recall you contested for the President in 2019. What is the catch?

Okeowo: First of all, it is true that I am contesting for the House of Representatives seat comprising three local government areas in Ogun East Federal as you know comprises of 3 main Local government. Namely Odogbolu, Ijebuode and Ijebu North. My father the late Chief Engineer ATG Okeowo is from Ogbogbo. He was a civil engineer of repute who constructed almost all the state roads in Ogun state. I was born into hope for a better Nigeria. I saw OGUN EAST blossom in the early 80’s. I was in love with Ijebu all my life until recently when people now get kidnapped, robbed daylight and cultists now throng the freeways of my beloved land. I am shocked at what the youths of nowadays have taken to be fun.

NA: What exactly do you want to accomplish if elected. In other words, what is your vision?

Okeowo: My plan basically is to step into the shoes that seem to be empty. The shoe of quality leadership. People who know me will tell you I am a no nonsense leader. I tolerate nothing below standard . Hence my sojourn not only into politics but also into leadership.
I have a vision to offer service and collaborate with Nigerians to deliver on three areas. First of all, I will make impact in my constituency.

Like I said, politics for me is not a do or die. It is about qualitative leadership. I have been a consistent employer since I was the age of 21. My father had over 3000 staff. And I saw how he managed them. I worked in my father’s company several times and people’s Management is something I have imbibed effortlessly. I won’t be proud for no reason. I don’t treat people shabily and I won’t ever have a closed door.

NA: Do you think it will be easy to beat the incumbent?

Okeowo: I started off in politics when I was quite young. My political mentors are Papa Obasanjo who happens to be my dad’s blossom friend, the present governor Prince Dapo Abiodun and Senator Lekan Mustapha. All the above trio as you know are successful in their political career and have outstanding records in their various specialities. They groomed me, and I learnt a lot from them. As at 2019, I contested to be the President of Nigeria under ADC and I lost out at the primaries to Malaifa Obadaih.

The imcubent happens to be someone I know and we are in the same party which is APC. Infact he is someone I have a lot of regard for. But his style of leadership is not what I dream for the people of my constituency. I want liberation from poverty. I want wealth and I want good life for my own people.

NA: So, what are your messages to the people of Ogun East?

Okeowo: Ogun East people most especially my interest; the people God has chosen me to represent are the most fortunate. I just love the lay of the land there. Everytime I am home I don’t usually want to leave. All my siblings call me “baba ijebu”. I am so much into Ijebu that yu can practically use my name to get something on credit in ijebu land. I am that popular. My first shop ever was opened in Ijebu ode. I named it fone4u. I traded phones and accessories all over ijebu land. People from the entire ijebu land, odogbolu, ijebu igbo, even sagamu came to do business with me. They would seldomly stop by and say hi to tell me how they were enjoying what k sold to them. I made friends I still keep till today. Comrade Babatunde Aremu who was my neighbour in italapo then is the Ogun state APC Youth LEADER now. We bonded since then and today he is still my friend. I never looked down on anyone and never treated anyone to disdain. If you ask about me in all the shops, petrol stations across Ijebu, yu will think I am the owners. My pet name is Shubby, coined from Subomi. Some people call me Shubby Desmond. Which ever you prefer, its yours to take to the bank.
So haven been blessed by the Almighty with this profound people around me, why not use this same goodwill to bring them succour? Hence my incursion into active politics to end a lot of evil vices and have an opportunity to put my name in the sands of time.

NA: Tell us a little about your background.

Okeowo: I was born into the family of Papa ATG Okeowo of Ogbogbo ijebu and Mama Okeowo of Iperu Remo. My dad was very very affluent and rich. He lived like a king. So we went to the best schools around us then. After school, I went for my NYSC in Kebbi state from where I started my business life. I proceeded to London, and traded in merchandise. I was born in Ogbogbo Ijebu and the first 18 years of my life I spent in Ogun East axis. The love of my people stuck in my heart since then

I am a trained Philosopher by education, and a student of Law in University of London (UCLA). My educational career started off in Ijebu Ode grammar school, where I proceeded to Ogun state University for my Bsc. I worked for several years in UK and was head hunted to come and start the Internet industry in Globacom when GSM came to Nigeria. I am actually a telecommunications expert. I single handedly by my ingenious strength and God’s grew Globacom fortunes exponentially in my years of active work. I was described by my immediate boss as a special lone tree in the forest who will always make a difference. My company which I started after my career at Globacom was awarded the sole right to directory in Nigeria as at 2015 by the federal government. Today, the company I chair has grown so large that I have to delegate to a couple of managers. We are into renewable energy, we are into properties, computers and e commerce.

NA: Thank You

Okeowo: You are welcome and thank you for having me on your highly elite newspaper

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