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Why my convoy was attacked -Apostle Suleiman

Says ‘I won’t expose my attackers’

Apostle Johnson Suleman, Friday night, said the attack on his convoy was the handiwork of some of his enemies who wanted him dead.

The cleric said the attempted assassination on his life that ended up claiming seven persons including three policemen was as a result of an issue that had happened in 2017, which he did not mention.

Apostle Johnson Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman

Suleman, had on Friday evening, escaped death by a whisker as suspected hired assassins attacked his convoy and allegedly killed seven persons.

The cleric was said to be heading to a destination in Edo State when the gunmen attacked his convoy around the Benin Auchi area of the state.

Suleman had reportedly returned from a foreign trip.

During the attack, the gunmen reportedly opened fire on his convoy, allegedly killing three of his police orderlies and four other yet-to-be-identified persons.

His vehicles were riddled with bullets, a video obtained by The Point revealed.

Confirming the attack on his convoy on a video he posted on his verified social media handle, which was watched by The Point correspondent on Friday night, Suleman claimed he knows those who attacked his convoy and killed his orderlies, promising that he would not expose his attackers.

He said he and his family members who were in the convoy with him are alive and fine, confirming that seven people were killed in the attack.

“Since 2017, there have been so many things that have been happening that I have been quite about. Even if you are the most careless person on earth, you would not allow yourself to be killed. There have so much scandals, even though people took advantage of that to just come out and say one or two things. But the reason I am coming out to speak now is that they have done all that and discovered that I am still moving on, they decided to make attempt on my life.

“I just escaped an assassination attempt where seven people were killed. My car was attacked they opened fire on my car and kept on spraying bullets on it. My wife and my kids are there. The escort car was at the front, they killed the policeman, they killed the other people in the other escort car at the back. They killed seven people. We were moving in a convoy. People who did this were expecting me to come out and mention their names so that they will come out and deny, I won’t do that but the truth of the matter is this, you can’t kill me. My life is in the hand of God. I am a man of God and those who are part of those attacking me, you are building on what you don’t understand.

“You might have joined into the fora because you want to chase cloud but you don’t know where the fight started from. There are things you don’t understand. You don’t have an idea of the beginning of how things started in 2017. The people who are behind it. You may come out and do your own thing but it’s beyond what you are thinking. I am alive for those who have been calling and all that. I am well. My family is fine. I feel bad for the lives that have been taken. We are mourning but Jesus is Lord.

“For all those who they killed, may their souls rest in peace. And for the young men who opened fire and keep wasting people, I won’t take your life, but the seed that you showed , you will reap it. I want Nigerians to know that an uncoordinated lie swallows a coordinated truth. With time, the truth will come out,” Suleman said while sitting on a couch in the video.

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