Senator Obadara urges Nigerians to cast their Votes for Tinubu

The Chieftain of the Party, All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Olugbenga Onaolapo Obadara at his Abeokuta home, during the New Year Celebration cautioned Nigerians against selling their PVC for any cost of benefits. He warned that such wrong practice is a detriment to our unbroken developing Democracy.

In subsequence, he counselled that as much as we have no other country beside Nigeria, it is mandatory for us to have our PVC inorder to vote for a credible and visionary leader that is tested, has principles and integrity.

He said further and without mincing words, that these qualities can only be met in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
among the contemporaneous contenders.

In justifying this sentiment, he said unlike others, he has been a progressive all through his Political life and never has he ran from one Political post to another. He is not a do-or-die Politician.

Considering his activities and track records while he was and after the State Governor of Lagos, he is not a racist or religious bigot and in a strong substantial manner, voting for him will turnaround the economy and lead our country to greatness.

Nonetheless, he urged all Nigerians to visit their Ward collation centres to collect their PVC between January 6th and 15th, not excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

He asserted that BVAS (Bimodal Voter’s Accreditation System) technology shall be used in the conduct of the Elections which will enhance electoral integrity and inspire public confidence in the electoral process.

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