Opinion : Hon. Tunji Akinosi and the Ado-odo/Ota Politics.

In the spirit of the festivity, a period of significant joy all over the world. I indeed look up to seeing us all succeeding in the new year 2020 as year of Positive Transformation.

As a politician, political and media analyst, I felt my mode of celebration should be different from the normal rice and chicken things but a publication that would define my person stated above.

As this year 2020 will be full of political gimmicks to define many happenings for the 2023 political game,My vision for 2020 as a politician, is making a force to be reckoned with and building a platform for a sustainable political greatness. Archiving this will be getting it right from home.

Ado-odo/Ota Local government is the base, housing the Ado-odo/Ota Constituency 2(Ado-Igbesa). This local government have in it a state constituency that gives us the present commissioner designate that represent it in this present government.

The commissioner designate is Hon. Alh. Rotn. Tunji Akinosi. This young man is one you can’t know from a far. Over a period of time he has been consistently making history in the politics of the local government and the state at large. He has in his thirties(30s) been a commissioner of this great political tense state. I refer to ogun state a political tense state due to the constituents of high profile political icons who at every political period show experiences in the game. For this young man to have been able to be appointed a commissioner at his age with the challenges faced with politics at the said period really shows his sagacity. Within this age bracket of youth he was also opportuned to be the Chairman of the largest local government in the state.

I’m not here to sing his praises but to set a record right for the upcoming youth in who and who you chose to be your mentor.This young political leader of Ado-odo/Ota as a local government and federal constituency and the Ogun state as a state is one of the few to chose.

In the present government, he was appointed the secretary interim transport committee. A committee who brought sanity to the transport union activities in the state, where no significant violence was recorded in the state within the period of 6 months they’ve been acting and still ongoing. There must have been a virtue in this man which most state leaders sees at everytime they come onboard to make him join them in the affairs of the state. Reason the Emperor was hell bent on getting him to his side during the last political struggle.

While still changing the affairs of transport unionism in the state as against the old ways, favour fell on him as he was appointed Commissioner nominee, who was later screened and cleared by the state Assembly and to be sworn-in few days away by His Excellency.

Favour, I said fell on him. FAVOUR, is it really? Or there must be some potential we upcoming youth need to tap from him. He would always say in his political speeches,he’s not perfect and his actions might not go down well with people but he can be approach for real definition of what ever actions he takes.

Commissioner Tunji Akinosi, you are building youths. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are under your tutorship. You need to expand your campus to school many political youths. You have set a pace that will take decades to meet.

God bless you and make governance easy for you when portfolio is assigned to you as an Aworian to join in the #MissionToBuildOurFutureTogether.

Prince Agunbiade Abdulwaasi
(Yayi Agbara)
Agbara, Ado-odo/Ota.

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