Odogbolu LG 2021: LEGURU YOUTHS, Our integrity, Our priority.

As vibrants and vocal youths of *LEGURU* that we are and have been,it is of utmost importance that we should remain focused and continue to be guided ,and not allow the selfish interest of some outside forces to derail our agenda of a promising future to all LEGURU youths,.

It is also very key for us all to be reliably informed on every political activities that transpired during the nomination of 3 aspirants out of the 17 that aspired for the Chairmanship position in Odogbolu local govt.

From the facts gathered ,there was never any agreement reached by all leaders from the 3 zones to streamline the aspirants via a zoning process,

Secondly,the majority and popular decision reached was to give all aspirants a level playing ground and “MERIT” was adopted to ensure fair dealings.

This resolutions led to the setting up of about 20-man screening panel which the aftermath of the screening exercise produced the 3 nominees eventually sent forward to the state.

Moreover ,His Excellency,
the Executive Governor of Ogun State , *OMOBA* *DAPO ABIODUN* has sincerely done exceedingly well for us in *LEGURU* zone in his administration by endowing us with major political appointments like

1) **Commissioner For*
*Special Duties*

2) *Board Chairman*

3) 2 Special Advisers

4) 1 Senior Special
Assistant( SSA)

5) 1 Statutory

6) Board member

We should not also forget that our(Leguru) zoning agitation has also worked to our favour down history lane when in *2007* , *Rt HON REMY HASSAN* was the member (OGHA) and in the same LEGURU zone , *Chief AFOLABI AINA* was the Executive Chairman of the local govt.

Our fellow Leguru Compatriots,we will like to crave our indulgences ,why is it now that we the advocates of party supremacy now thinks otherwise on the decision of our party leaders and stakeholders at the local govt level?

Let’s all join hands together to continue building a formidable APC Odogbolu and not to allow ourselves to be used and blinded by the special interest of some forces behind the scene who are only out to scuttle the peace and tranquility of APC Odogbolu.

Let us abide by the popular decision of our party leaders and give our support to the candidate that emerged for the upcoming local government election, especially since we have one time enjoyed this arrangement in the time past.

LEGURU APC is ours!
ODOGBOLU APC is ours!!
OGUN APC is ours !!!

E- signed
Leguru Progressive* *Youths

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