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No cheap blackmail can stop my desire to change the face of Ewekoro LG, Sikiru Adesina replies Blackmailers

A leading chairmanship aspirant in Ewekoro Local Government Area, Hon. Sikiri Adesina has again appealed to his teeming supporters to remain calm and be tolerant even in the face of current provocation.

Adesina who spoke to some selected journalists in Abeokuta on Tuesday, disclosed that he is unfazed by the two reports by the online media that he Hon Sikiru Adesina has been arrested on 25th of May, 2021 over allegation of producing fake cement also, expressed reservation on the circulated video of some sections of his supporters who are traditional wherein they were seen at one of there shrines at unknown location praying for Ewekoro land, saying he had refused to be joined in what he described as “gossips and beer parlour tales”.

“Ordinarily, as a man of great values, we would not have bothered wasting our precious time responding to this unfounded report, knowing fully well the source of the mean, malicious and scandalous allegations. But, we owe the good people of Ewekoro Local Government we seek to serve, a duty of good representation. While we shall seek all legal means to clear the air on this said publication, it should be on record that those behind the desperate move to frustrate Hon. Adesina out of the Chairmanship contest has rather exposed themselves as agents of retrogression with no means of any second address.

At this age and time of our politics, it is a cheer show of repulsions to assume a person and character of Hon. Sikiru Adesina would not have a business he can call his own. Never!! Sikiru Adesina that we know is a businessman that span several economies of hospitality, trading and cement dealership.
Just like any mortal, one is faced with challenges which we can rightly admit, but not in any way related to criminal offence or sabotage.

For the purpose of clarification, the name dropping on the publication against the Nigerian Army 35bdg is not even in existence as at date.
Checks with the Vanguard Newspaper also denied ever publishing the story credited to the media platform.

Aside the fact that Hon. Adesina whose legacies and imprints has remained a reference point in socioeconomic and politics of Ewekoro local government, his leadership and continued philanthropic gesture has consistently endeared him into the hearts of people.

As a matter of principle and strong conviction, I will not join issues with those who are behind this pull-him-down type of politics, it has only exposed them further that they do not have anything to offer in politics and governance other than destroying others. We pity them for not having anything reference to, in advancing their aspirations despite the opportunities given them without thier readiness.
Hon. Adesina will remain their “admired personality” with laudable progress both in public and personal engagements.

On the issue of appraising deity

Adesina noted that “although some of the identified personalities in the said video are my supporters, but definitely they are not employed by me or anyone working with me to consult any diety.”

As Otun Adinni Jagunna of Itoriland who regularly visit holy land, Mecca to perform Hajj and Umrah, Adesina said he “couldn’t have been involved in any other act contrary to my faith. Take for instance, during the recently concluded Ramadan, I sponsored radio program among other gestures extended to other Muslim faithfuls within and around Ewekoro. My political ambition cannot make mejettison his religious beliefs” he said.

He said people are allowed to practice what they believed but caution every religion faith to respect people’s political views and opinion even if it goes contrary to their own position. He therefore prayed for continued prosperity of every Ewekoro and Ogun state at large.

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