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Men sucking breast does not prevent breast cancer, Expert warns ladies

Research has shown that breastfeeding is beneficial to the development of infants, which can enhance their immunity and intelligence and reduce the incidence of sudden death and childhood obesity.

But how about the myth that men who suck their partner’s breast help prevent them from getting breast cancer?

Health practitioner, Dr Joelle Amissah, has debunked claims that sucking the breast can prevent breast cancer,

According to her, the only thing that can help prevent breast cancer is breastfeeding and not men sucking the breast.

When asked if sucking the breast could prevent cancer, Dr Amissah disclosed that breastfeeding rather has the potential of preventing breast cancer than men sucking the breast.

She noted that a hormone called prolactin has a protective effect on the breast which is only stimulated and released when a baby is breastfed.

“There is a hormone called prolactin that has a protective effect on the breast which is only stimulated when a baby sucks the breast. So when the baby is breastfed, the hormone is released and while that is in the system, it protects the breast. So it is breastfeeding and not just sucking the breast,” she said.

While debunking claims that when men suck the breast, it prevents cancer, the health expert noted that just sucking the breast cannot prevent breast cancer.

“They are not really helping to prevent breast cancer. They could suck the breast but it doesn’t add to preventing breast cancer. Unless it’s a baby that is breastfeeding, sucking the breast doesn’t help,” she added.

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