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I Served My Boyfriend With Jollof Mixed With My Shit – Ex-girlfriend Discloses

A woman has made shocking revelation of the worst thing she has done to a man. She confessed of making her former lover eat her ‘toilet’ by mixing it with minced meat stew in a Jollof rice.

Jollof MixedShe disclosed to David Papa Bondze-Mbir of doing this as a payback to her ex-boyfriend that left her to marry another lady. She confessed together with other women in the private inbox of David Papa Bondze-Mbi on Facebook.

Below is the compilation of various confessions of women sharing the worst things they’ve done to the opposite s*x.

“He dated me for Three (3) years, and then left me for another woman. He married her actually. The worst thing I ever did to a man was to ask for a last night with him, a week to his wedding, to officially say goodbye. I prepared Jollof and minced meat Stew, with my Shit! I mixed the minced meat with my shit, spiced it up with so much flavored ingredients to reduce the smell of the shit. The stew looked so thick and nice and smelled good, I couldn’t be bothered to want to taste it.
He ate everything in the plate, meaning, it tasted good. I then congratulated him on his marriage. I moved on with my life.”
“I had dated this guy for some years, and deep within me, wanted to marry him. He loved me too but he wasn’t sure whether or not to settle down. We were both ready to settle and spend the rest of our lives together… However, he was being unreasonable. Then my intuition drew my attention to certain, sudden changes. He was chatting/seeing another girl. A very pretty lady. My chances with him were becoming slim, so I drugged his drink, one night, at his home, with Ketamine. I had as much unprotected rides (s*x) with him as I could, and then, cleaned him up.
The moment he woke up, I left his place. I got pregnant, and knowing him, he went ahead to do the right thing, to ask for my hand in marriage: because he didn’t want to raise a child outside marriage. We’ve done Eight (8) years already, as husband and wife. I love the way he treats me as his wife. I love the way he loves his kids. I love the way he loves me. He calls me so many times in a day to check on me. He helps me cook, clean and train the kids. He allows me so much time to rest.

What I did may have been wrong, but it got me the result I needed. And, it brought out the best in him too. I love my husband, and I will do anything to make him realize that.”

3. “I live with a scumbag, who is a cheat and a liar. I just don’t know how to trust my husband, Dave. He’s made ‘trust’ impossible for me. I tried the man-hood lock thing on him, but it did not work out. I later found out that I may have gotten his favorite fruit wrong. So, it was months after that try that I overheard our son, asking his daddy, what his favorite fruit was. It was Orange.

I chewed Four (4) Orange seeds, broke one fresh egg and took the yolk out and put it in my mouth, added a tablespoon full of schnapps, forcefully spoke my heart desire out, and then swallowed the whole thing. That night, before sleeping, I gave my husband an intensive blowjob, making him pre-c*m in my mouth, and then swallowed that too. We had very good s*x that evening.

Prior to that, he used to have a very cheerful mood every time he returned from work. I saw a sudden change in him the following evening. He wasn’t himself. He wouldn’t play with our kids, he wouldn’t eat his dinner, nothing! Then we got to bed, and I realized he wanted to have s*x with me. I practically heard him breathe a sigh of relief when his man-hood erected.

He wouldn’t talk to me about his problems, but I overheard him talk on phone one dawn, to his girlfriend, about not being able to have erection anymore. Apparently, he had tried sleeping with other girls to be sure he wasn’t imagining things. But with me, he could have it in its full strength. I know he is disturbed. I feel his shame anytime he wants to have s*x with me; I feel his guilt and confusion, but I don’t care, Dave. I did what I had to do, and it worked. He cannot have erection anywhere else, except in my presence.

Now, nobody forces him to rush home to be with me. He’s become my best friend. Sometimes, it may be all wrong to be selfish in getting what you want, but it is also alright, especially, if it puts the other party in check. I am so happy now, Dave.”

4. “I gained admission to pursue a Master’s programme in the States, 12 years ago, and I didn’t have the funds to pay for my fees. My husband couldn’t help out either, so I discussed it with a friend in Chicago, to help out. She’s black American, and had been my Facebook friend for Two (2) years. She was willing to help out. I wanted to make it up to her in a way, but couldn’t think of anything; then I remembered she once mentioned, wanting to have a baby with a Ghanaian man.
In fact, she was crushing on my husband, when she made those comments years back, so I invited her to Ghana, pitched an idea to her as payment for her help. My husband didn’t know her, so the plan worked so easily.

I gave my friend every information about my husband’s whereabouts, gave directs to where ever my husband informed me of going, so they accidentally bounce into each other. My friend is very pretty, so I wasn’t bothered. After Six (6) unsuccessful attempts, my husband finally noticed her, and started a conversation, took her number, and began flirting with her.

They engaged in s*xual activities for almost a month and Two (2) weeks. When my friend found out she was pregnant, she left Ghana, to the States – without even saying ‘bye’ to my husband. I remember how down my husband was – for months. The least this I did, he got pissed. The least thing the kids did, he would be pissed. He began losing weight, started to think and wander in thoughts, cry at dawn, after calling my friend’s Ghana phone number, which, of course, she threw the sim away.

When he sobered after a few months, I asked him what the problem was, he wouldn’t mind me… Then I asked if he was cheating on me, and he said, no! Rather, “I lost a huge business deal.”

I am done with my Master’s Degree, which was fully funded by my friend. She gave me accommodation when I was in the States, allowed me play a major role in her baby girl’s life, until I returned to Ghana. We are all happy now.”

5. “I got pregnant for a married man I was dating. He wouldn’t want to have a baby with me so he gave me money to abort it. I used the money to buy food ingredients, prepared the meal with my pregnant urine – the day he was visiting me, and helped him eat the whole food. That very evening, he sent me a text message when he got home, asking about the pregnancy, and how he wished I hadn’t aborted it. I told him I hadn’t.

Dave, he bought a Two (2) bedroom house for me, provided money every week for my upkeep, hired a personal driver for my rounds, checked on me every day, till date. He has his own kids with his wife, but it’s like, my baby is his major concern now. My mum once told me how she used the pregnant urine procedure to make my dad commit to my birth and upkeep. I just had to revisit and remake history.”

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