Exclusive: Ogun PDP’s plan to share fake dollars from Atiku busted

The plans by the PDP Presidential candidate, Alh Atiku Abubakar to share fake U.S Dollar bills for the presidential election through Ogun PDP gubernatorial candidate and his deputy has been busted a source revelled.

Sources however told this newspaper that “Rising from a meeting at the Park Inn hotel in Abeokuta this evening, a governorship candidate lamented the shortage of cash and their inaccessibility to get new notes from WEMA bank, a bank which his father has the controlling shares”

A plan was devised by a deputy governor candidate to get fake dollar bills of $500,000 to augment the original dollar bills of $500,000 sent to Ogun state by a presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. The fake dollar bills arrived Park Inn hotel from Benin Republic.

An insider at the meeting revealed that about 80% of the fake dollar bills will be shared by a deputy governorship candidate of the party , keeping 20% of the original to himself and other designated party leaders while 80% of the original dollar bills will remain in the custody of a governorship candidate and releasing 20% of the fake dollar bills.

“We are not clear why the original dollar bills are being kept and fake dollar bills are the ones being shared for tomorrow’s election.

It’s a top secret within the innermost circle and a governorship candidate has instructed that the sharing formula and the fake dollars be kept away from his father “Dodo” as he is fondly called.

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