Ogun State Ministry Of Transportation Is Under Siege, Bleeds and Should Be Rescued — Awodiya Joshua

I have observed with deep concern the rising wave of questionable characters in the transportation ministry, who lay siege to undermine its contentions.

This perceived threat and danger is evident in the disruption perpetrated by some Political Jobbers within the system under the guise of devotion to the welfare of the inhabitants of the State.

I strongly acceded to the nullity by the State House of Assembly to the extent that it is goofed. It is fundamentally flawed, not in compliance with the expressly declared rules.

In view of the above sentiment, investigation revealed that defective proceeding that established Riders and Owners of Tricycles Organization (ROTO) Union which led to its cross-out, similarly occurred during the unlawful formation of Riders and Owners of Motorcycles Organization (ROMO) Union and its extensive activities but scaled through.

Perhaps, through the usurpation of the functions of the State House of Assembly guaranteed by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Hence, dire consequences of those Union members who have failed to respect the rights of Riders to work, devoid of intimidation and deprivation.

These exclusive group of individuals are complicit and gone unabated. Their excessiveness and high-handedness should be resisted for the benefits of the state.

Sometimes last year, the state ministry engaged transport Unions to show an intense interest in re-registration evaluation which indubitably would promote efficacy in accordance with the moral principles and healthy values in the sector but however till today, the reasons for the inconclusive processing is unrevealed.

It is saddening that the project was a good beginning to strengthen the transportation system in the state but hindered intentionally with a view, premised to a choice or decision of probable consequences from the conspiracy of group of individuals.

I beseech Mr. Governor, His Excellency Prince Dapo Abiodun; Speaker State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kunle Oluomo and Chairman House Committee on transport, Hon. Oludaisi Elemide to step-in and stop the gradual descent into anarchy.

Enormous tension is building up in the state and need for potent instruments to keep the bothersome people at bay

Nonetheless, it is advisable for the government to adopt and enforce a better approach and licit modalities to accomplish her goals.

Long life Ogun State.
Long Life Nigeria.

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