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Much ado about Ex. Gov. Amosun’s road construction in Ogun

The details of road constructions awarded by the last administration of Ex Governor Ibikunle Amosun since 2013 has been Obtained by

The evidence contains the sum, advance payment, expected time of completion (though later abandoned), and other details.

1. Junction Road, Sagamu: N8, 046, 000, 000 (Eight billion, and forty-six million naira).

2. Ilo – Awela road, Ota: N4, 946, 069, 512. 58 (Four billion, nine hundred and forty six million, sixty nine thousand, five hundred and twelve naira, and fifty eight kobo).

3. OGTV to Brewery Junction road, Abeokuta: N13, 886, 000, 000 (Thirteen billion, eight hundred and eight six million naira).

4. Moshood Abiola way, Abeokuta: N5, 950, 000, 000 (Five billion, nine hundred and fifty million naira).

5. Ilara – Ijoun – Ilashe, Yewa – N13, 500, 000, 000 (Thirteen billion, and five hundred million naira)

6. Illishan – Ago Iwoye road, Ijebu: N7, 321, 970, 000 (Seven billion, three hundred and twenty-one million, nine hundred and seventy thousand naira).

7. Mowe – Ofada – Ibafo road, Odeda: N13, 250, 000, 000 (Thirteen billion, two hundred and fifty million naira)

8. Lafenwa – Ayetoro road: N6, 500, 000, 000 (Six billion and five hundred million naira).

9. Ejirin – Oluwalogbon junction, Ijebu Ode: N6, 500, 000, 000 (Six billion and five hundred million naira).

10. Magboro – Underpass road, Ifo: N3, 840, 927, 925 (Three billion, eight hundred and forty million, nine hundred and twenty seven thousand, nine hundred and twenty five naira).

11. Moriamo Olorombo road, Abeokuta: N146, 000, 000 (One hundred and forty six million naira).

12. Ojere – Adatan roundabout, Abeokuta: N 7, 832, 704, 250 (Seven billion, eight hundred and thirty-two million, seven hundred and four thousand, two hundred and fifty naira).

13. Somorin – Ajebo road, Abeokuta: N3, 610, 550, 000 (Three billion, six hundred and ten million, five hundred and fifty thousand naira).

14. Abiola-way junction to Muda Lawal Stadium junction, Abeokuta: N685, 482, 500 (Six hundred and eighty-five million, four hundred and eight two thousand, five hundred naira.

The cost of Ibara flyover bridge which is about 300m was put at N1.5bn according to former Gov. Senator Ibikunle Amosun (Vanguard newspaper, 19th of September, 2012). Going by the length of others which is between 300m to 700m, it is safe to say the cost of flyover bridges during the last administration was between N1.5bn to N3.5bn and we can rightly say the average cost of flyover bridges was N2.5bn.

As contained in this report, there are 14 flyover bridges listed with average cost of N2.5bn (14 X N2.5bn = N35bn!)

Ex. Governor Ibikunle Amosun allegedly spent N35bn on 14 flyover bridges with 80% of it not sited on water level, while the roads which the bridges are on are neglected.

Pictorial evidence of completed and ongoing road constructions as at October, 2018

These two roads were later awarded;

Panseke – Adigbe (Saraki junction) road, Abeokuta: N2, 358, 132, 840 (Two BILLIONS, three hundred and fifty-eight million, one hundred and thirty-two thousand, eight hundred and forty naira).

Iju – Ilogbo road, Ota: N3, 879, 057, 060 (Three BILLIONS, eight hundred and seventy – nine million, fifty-seven thousand, and sixty naira)

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