In Ogun, Train Kills Deaf Woman Seeking Help for Her Baby

An unidentified woman has been killed by a train in Itoki, Ogun State, according to an eyewitness resident in the area.

Although the woman’s identity is yet to be confirmed, an envelope found on her suggested she was deaf and begged for alms for her baby.

A Twitter user, Ojo Zacheus, who shared photos of the lifeless woman, said she was killed on Wednesday evening.

The envelope found on her

The deaf woman was killed by the fed govt train at Itoki,Ogun state dis evn. D most painful part of dis story is dat she was lookin 4 who&how to help her baby.She has a small paper with her, written on it was her request. Plz help RT#Papaya Na oxlade So oxlade Tiwa Saliva Lukaku pic.twitter.com/LJh4Hr7YyE
— Omi Garri (Garri Water) (@ojozacheus247) February 9, 2022

“Most of these beggars come from unknown sources. You will just see them all over Lagos. She has a child, but the information about the child is unknown presently,” a source in the area told FIJ.

Given the condition of the victim, it is assumed she did not hear the sound of the train running on the rail or the possible blasting of its horn.

Attempted to reach the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) via the phone number on its website, but the line was switched off. A text message sent to the line had not been responded to at press time.

Source: fij.ng

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