Gbenga Daniel And His Fabricated Lies – Senator Buruji Kashamu

Kashamu vs Gbenga Daniel

Good evening your Excellency. My attention has been drawn to a petition directed to the IGP dated today on political loops and the internet from you stating that I sent a group of men to go after your life. I am shocked and disappointed that a man of your calibre can descend so low to create childish and phony allegations against me.

An average person will objectively read the lies concorted in this your so called petition. Your hatred and inferiority complex towards me is clearly evident.

It is normal for people to be defeated politically and yours will not be the first since 2011 that you have refused to let go. I do not now see how the victory of Markafi over Sherif translates into your victory over me.

Even the purported Ogun state care taker committee is a nulity in law as Ogun state Exco have a binding judgement that protects them against your insinuations. Firstly, all important politicians in the South west were aware of your visit with the national chairman of our great party to see our leaders including senator Ladoja in Ibadan.

The itiniery of that visit has been public knowledge since two days ago. Why do you now think I would be looking for you in Abuja I know you are in Ibadan? What gain will looking for you serve me politically when it is you that has been begging senator ben bruce to talk to me to avoid exposing your political deficit in the south west which is now evident. It is ridiculous for you to think that the police and the readers of your petition are foolish enough to think that armed men can come to your house, meet your policeman asleep and then lock him up in the same toilet he miraculously kept a gun and was able to escape through the ceiling where he then supposedly saved the day by shooting up to scare the gun men away after he escaped.

Is it even right and professional for a police man to sleep and hide his gun in the toilet? Does that even make sense to You? You don’t need to cook up stories against me. We all know the antecedents of all the atrocities of your killer squad while you were governor and all this evidence shall be availed the police in my counter petition.

I am well aware that you are planning to kill me before 2019 in your frustrated effort to take my Senate seat which is democratically invisible given the current realities. I wish you the best in your self imposed adversities against God’s wish.

Senator Kashamu

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