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Wizkid Trolls Davido On Social Medi

In a playful yet controversial social media exchange, popular Afrobeats artist Wizkid caused a stir among fans and observers by using a video of fellow musician Davido to express his sentiments about releasing new music.

The incident unfolded on X (formerly Twitter), where Wizkid interacted with fans and touched on various topics early in the morning of April 29, 2024.

Everyday I get things to say but my mouth no good..😂

— Wizkid (@wizkidayo) April 29, 2024

During the session, a fan urged Wizkid to drop new music, to which he humorously responded, “Is it by force?” This led to a light-hearted exchange with another fan who insisted, “Yes na by force, biggest bird.” Wizkid then escalated the banter by posting a viral video of Davido crying, suggesting that his fans should beg him in a similar manner if they wanted him to release new music. “Beg me like this. Send video,” Wizkid tweeted, alongside the clip of an emotional Davido.

This post quickly gained traction and sparked a variety of reactions across social media. Some fans were shocked by Wizkid’s bold use of Davido’s emotional moment to engage with his audience, leading to speculations about possible tensions between the two stars. However, others viewed the interaction as mere friendly jesting, recalling that the two artists had publicly shared good times as recently as December 2023.

The playful yet provocative nature of the post drew attention not only from fans but also from celebrities and influencers, who commented on the unfolding drama. Twitter user @BashirAhmaad remarked on the timing, “This early in the morning,” while @OGBdeyforyou noted, “This week go long o, Wizkid don burn kitchen.”

The incident reflects the ongoing dynamics and occasional rivalries within the Nigerian music industry, where artists often use social media as a platform for engaging with fans.

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