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Senator Dankwambo Empowers 440 Youths and Women in Gombe North

Senator Dankwambo, who represents the people of Gombe North, has recently empowered 440 youths and women in the Gombe North Senatorial District. The empowerment initiative provided training in GSM repair, tailoring, and fashion design with the goal of addressing unemployment in the district.

In a statement made available to Newsmen by Abu-Ubaida Ibrahim Kuna, Legislative Assistant to the Distinguished, Dankwambo, who previously served as the governor of Gombe State for eight years, has a track record of creating job opportunities for the youth. As a senator, he remains committed to the development and economic growth of Gombe North.

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    In addition to the skills training, Senator Dankwambo also announced the free distribution of fertilizer and farming tools to the people of Gombe North.

    This initiative demonstrates Dankwambo’s dedication to empowering the youth and women in Gombe North. The 440 individuals were equipped with the necessary skills, and provided with sewing machines, GSM repair kits, and start-up funds.

    The initiative not only addresses unemployment but also promotes economic growth among the youths in Gombe North.

    Senator Dankwambo’s commitment to the people of Gombe North is evident in his efforts to improve their lives and promote overall development in the region. His dedication to addressing various challenges, including unemployment, education, health, water, and agriculture, is a testament to his leadership and vision for a better Gombe North.

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