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Exclusive: Gbenga Daniel’s camp in disarray over integrity deficit, apprehensive about political future

There is palpable tension and apprehension within the camp of the former Governor of Ogun State and Senator -elect for Ogun East senatorial district, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, as members of the camp are sharply divided presently, over Daniel’s alleged integrity deficit.

Recall that several groups and critical stakeholders within the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the State had taken a swipe on the former Governor for what they termed as act of betrayal and gross anti-party activities, alleging that Daniel collected several billions of naira to sabotage the reelection bid of Governor Dapo Abiodun in the March 18th gubernatorial polls.

While some of his followers, who are presently in APC became worried and unsettled by the reactions of old members of the party who are now relating with them with suspicion and disdain, others were apprehensive of what the future holds for them in the new party, considering the atrocities perpetrated by their leader.

The crisis in the camp has degenerated to the extent that some key followers of Daniel have been subscribing to the thought that the original but covert agenda of the former Governor was to deceitfully secure the senatorial ticket of the APC, having realized the dwindled popularity of PDP and still work for Adebutu, after negotiating billions of naira for his tactical support.

These prominent members of the camp were seriously disappointed in Daniel, who they hitherto held in high esteem, but brazenly betrayed the trust for pecuniary purpose and self-aggrandizement.

A member of this cluster, who did not want his name in print complained bitterly about the future of their political careers and their fate in the APC, following the overwhelming allegations leveled against their boss in the party, with regards to the gubernatorial election in the State, he expressed regret for leaving PDP with Daniel, saying”, now we have been used and left to our fate by this dubious man.

“How on earth would a man of that caliber and political exposure allowed greed to subvert decency and integrity in him to the extent of betraying the party that rescued you from political oblivion because of money, can you imagine that? The man is a certified political jobber that doesn’t stand for anything, with readiness to fall for everything.

” He dubiously secured the APC ticket deceiving us that he had finally move to their fold meanwhile, he maintained his structure in PDP and used same to sabotage the efforts of APC members in some strategic places, especially, his senatorial district, after winning his election.

“No godly man behaves in that manner, it is only people without functional conscience that betray their benefactors in such a manner and in that magnitude, it really took us by surprise.

“Anyway, we are still watching how the pendulum will swing in the coming months, we want to see how APC in the State will handle his case and treat us , his followers, but one thing is certain, the old members of the party would never trust us again, based on the infraction committed by Daniel, it’s really painful, to say the least”, he submitted.

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