Ogun Speaker, Elemide halts motion to suspend embattled ex-Speaker, Oluomo

The speaker of the Ogun State House of assembly, Hon. Elemide Oludaisi has intervened to stop the suspension of former speaker, Hon. Olakunle Oluomo.

Recall that Oluomo was impeached as the assembly speaker amidst allegation of mismanagement and abuse of office.l, weeks ago.

During the plenary on Tuesday, the lawmaker representing Abeokuta North State constituency, Dr. Tella Babatunde moved the motion for the suspension of the erstwhile Speaker, who represents the people of Ifo 1 state constituency.

According to Babatunde, the former speaker has shown disregard for the laws guiding the house he once headed.

“Hon. Olakunle Oluomo has shown unwholesome attitude detrimental to the physical, social and mental well being of the house, putting the house to disrepute.

“Taking this house to the court of law he has shown disregard to the laws of the house. The provision of the law is that a person who has cause of action against a legislative house shall give a three month notice disclosing the cause of action.

“He has refused to follow this process and has contained the law guiding the house – the Legislative power and privileges act of 2018. I therefore move that Oluomo is suspended for 14 legislative days.”

Supporting the motion, lawmaker representing Odogbolu State constituency, Adeleye Lukuman said the motion will protect the santity of the house.

“He is one of the most luckiest as the longest serving member. He has benefitted from this institution but it is disheartening that he has decided to be a law breaker. We are not against seeking redress but laid down procedure must be followed. Since he has decided not to follow the rule, I am whole heartedly supporting the motion that he be suspended. No one is above the law, he has use the same provision to suspend others.

However, while addressing members of the house, Elemide pleased that the house allow him to work on it, he said all moves regarding the suspension should be set aside for now.

“It will not be good that we appear in the news and people will say Ogun assembly again. We should not do anything to sabotage of good governance in the state. I want to plead that you allow me handle this while we suspend all actions as regards suspension.”

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